Multiple Brands of Pressure Washers

Here at American Pressure, variety is the spice of life! That’s why we carry a wide variety of brand of pressure washers and parts too! Not every brand has what all of our customers want, but by having multiple brands we can meet all of your needs.

Line Up of Electro-Magic Steam Cleaners and Pressure Washers.

Line Up of Electro-Magic Steam Cleaners and Pressure Washers.

We represent the best brand brands in the pressure washer market, including Landa, Alkota, Arctic Steamer, MiTM, Karcher, Pressure Pro, KEW, EPPS, All American, Whitco, and Hydrotek, the list is longer if we cover all the brands we have sold and still continue to support with parts and service.

The story goes back to the start of our company. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Electro-Magic was the brand of steam cleaners and pressure washers that American Pressure carried. Electro-Magic was an industrial, well made product that had a great share of the market, and American Pressure did well for years distributing what they offered.

O.K. Larson and Dave Speltz at a Trade Show in the late 1970’s

Eletro-Magic’s decision to sell and move production across the country proved to be difficult for both Electro-Magic and American Pressure, product went from available and ready to ship to long lead times. Changes in lead time and lack of product availability greatly hurt Electro-Magic’s market position and almost put American Pressure out of business in the early 1980’s. Dave and Marlene Speltz, the owners of American Pressure, learned a valuable lesson of having their company too dependent on another. A bad decision by one can have a long lasting and profound effect on the other.

Gary and Josiah Hagemann in about 1990.

In the early 1980’s American Pressure formed partnerships with Landa and Alkota that still benefit American Pressure and our customers to this day. At American Pressure, we offer the best solutions and the most value to our customers! We utilize the strengths of each of our partners to achieve this.We can proudly offer a complete line of pressure washers, steam cleaners and custom solutions that we can stand behind with our service and expertise.

Alkota Trade Show

Ben and Gary Hagemann in about 1994.

When Gary and Becky Hagemann became owners of American Pressure in 1997, the lesson and history was passed down, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you are dependent on one manufacturer and they make a bad decision it will effect you greatly. Each manufacturer brings unique products to the market that can benefit customers. As part of the sale and to ensure the long term legacy of the company, the expectation to never solely depend on a single supplier of equipment was established as a core value at American Pressure.

Pressure Washer Award.

Ben and Josiah with the Larry Linton Award from Landa 2016.

Doing what is best for our customers and doing what is best for American Pressure are often exactly the same thing. In 2015, Ben and Josiah Hagemann became owners of American Pressure, and are looking forward to many more decades of taking good care of our customers by offering the best brands in the market place.


Left to Right: Virgil Anderson, Gary and Becky Hagemann, Marlene and Dave Speltz, Taken in 2017.*

*Virgil Anderson hired Dave Speltz as a Salesman at Brake and Equipment in 1975 where Dave sold Electro-Magic Products. Dave saw the benefit of having a company dedicated to pressure washers and steam cleaners and started American Pressure with his wife Marlene. Upon finding out what Dave had done, Virgil requested a lunch, insisting that he and Dave stay friends and that Dave purchase his inventory when he was able. Virgil worked for American Pressure in the 1980’s after selling Brake and Equipment. Becky is Virgil’s niece and when Gary needed a job and Dave needed a salesman in 1989 the connection was made and the rest is history.