Not every steamer is the same.  From the Alkota Dry Steam Generators to the Arctic Steamer and to the Optima Steamer lineup, each provides different output specs and are designed for different applications.  We are going to touch briefly on some of the highlights of each and what industries they are utilized in.  Any questions reach out to one of our application experts at 800-544-0836 or email [email protected] for more information.

The Arctic Steamer is an industry leader in ice dam removal equipment.  From the low amp draw (≈9 amps, 120v) to the output temperature (≈280°F), the Arctic Steamer has many features that make it the go to equipment in the harshest of winter conditions.  But in order to get that soft, gentle steam that is safe on roofs, you NEED the correct nozzle!  Check out the video below on why the nozzle matters.  Besides the fun activity of steaming sweet corn, which your employees, friends and family will love!  The Arctic Steamer can be a great tool to use to remove greases from equipment to surface oil stains on concrete.  The high temperature steam will cause those greases to melt or drip off without the overspray that a pressure washer can cause.

One of the main differences between the Alkota Dry Steam Generators and the Arctic Steamer is the type of steam that is produced.  The Alkota’s produce what their name says, a dry steam, while the Arctic Steamer produced what is considered a wet steam.  The dry steam acts in a way that it will expand when introduced to atmosphere and will fill a void or vessel to do the cleaning.  One of the primary uses for this is in the trenchless pipe repair industry, where a liner is inserted into the pipe and then the steam is introduced to cure that liner in place.  Other areas this equipment is used in is thawing frozen drains, tanks and culverts, as well as melting and removing wax or grease from traps and drains.  All these uses have something in common, the steam is introduced into a closed vessel or tube and allowed to expand to fill that void in order to do the cleaning or melting.

The Optima Steamer lineup utilizes a patented boiler system which will heat and pressurize the water closer to that of a pressurized pot boiler than that of the coil type steamers like the Arctic Steamer and Alkota Dry Steam Generators.  The Optima Steamer’s generate a pure vapor jet of steam that can clean and sanitize using a fraction of the water when compared to a pressure washer.  The Optima Steamer comes in diesel heated, electric operated options which is well suited for mobile car wash and car detailing applications, while the all electric models are best suited for use indoors in places such as food processing, hospitals, wineries and breweries.  Specific tools are offered such as the pneumatic conveyor belt cleaning tool to be attached to the conveyor belt to clean and sanitize as the conveyor belt is moved below.  The wine barrel steam tool is used to sanitize wood barrels used for wine, beer and distilling. Check out the videos below on the Optima Steamer and give our application experts a call at 763-521-4442 or email [email protected] for more information!

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