The American Pressure Difference.

In House Product knowledge

We have a great team in place that is second to none on what we know about pressure washers and what we can learn that we don’t already know. We will find the information. We also have information on product we sold decades ago and continue to support our customers with that information.

We Care

We have a great team in place that will go the extra mile for the customer to make sure they are getting the right product for their needs and are taken care of before, during and after the sale.

Product Variety

We offer the best brands in the market, so our customers can get the right product for their application. This also allows us to give options and choices and allows the customer to select what they want and need.

Product Quality

The brands we represent are the higher quality brands in the market. Focusing on product design, serviceability, longevity, warranty, certification, and usability means we sell a product that we can stand behind and know it will serve a customer well. We offer a variety of choices but focus on value. We know you want your purchase from us to last.

Service Department

Being able to repair and maintain equipment we sell as well as what is sold in the market is of the utmost importance to our success and something that sets American Pressure apart. We are glad to help whether it was purchased here or elsewhere and strive to do the correct repair, not the most profitable repair.

Product Availability

Having the product when it is needed is key to a customer’s success. Customers who choose American Pressure will get their parts or accessories when they need them. Over 3,000 unique parts in stock, over 150 new machines ready means we are fast, and if we don’t have it we can get it quickly in most cases.


When we know what a customer needs we will do our best to respond, from product pricing, unique product just for their application, handling paperwork or paperless billing, open accounts, accepting credit cards, we try to respond to all of our customers’ needs so we are their vendor of choice. We know we are here to serve the customer and that responsive service brings loyalty, but most importantly it is the right way to treat those we do business with.


No two customers are the same. From hose length and voltage to quotes and presentations we try and give the customer what they want so they can make good decisions. Sometimes a demo is needed in the middle of the night. Whatever the need, we attempt to be flexible so we can take good care of clients.


We are always seeking better options to offer to our customers and looking for ways to improve what we currently offer. We constantly try to improve our process and how we do things. We constantly strive for improvement.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Visit our showroom or contact us today.