Cutting Ice Block

The safest way to deal with your ice dams is to use the Arctic Steamer by American Pressure, Inc. The arctic steamer safely removes the ice dams using steam, which does not hard your roof, like a regular pressure washer does. This video shows the arctic steamer cutting through a large ice block.

American Pressure Team

American Pressure Inc. is a leading supplier and service provider of industrial pressure washers within the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Virtually all industries have to deal with some type of dirt or grime, and we are dedicated to helping you solve your cleaning problems efficiently and effectively.

Arctic Steamer Proper Use

The arctic steamer ice dam removal system is the most safe way to remove ice dams. Pressure washers can do a lot of harm to the shingles on your roof. The arctic steamer safely removes the ice dam using steam. This video shows how, when the system is used properly, it will not harm your…