Operating big machinery, building and fixing things; it’s all in a hard day’s work when construction is your business. Not only can a high-quality, customized pressure washer eliminate dirt, oil and other residues that tend to accumulate on the job, but it can also extend the life of your machinery and tools, and ward off expensive repairs. It’s as important to us to supply you with the necessary gear to keep your machinery in top shape as it is for you to keep your business moving forward.

In the construction industry, having your equipment look good is just as important as keeping it working properly, and American Pressure can help you do both. Our pressure washers can eliminate the dirt, sand, oil, and other residues that tend to accumulate on construction equipment and cause wear and tear.

High-quality pressure washers will prove to be one of the smartest investments you make towards your business as it will extend the life of your expensive machinery and ward off costly repairs. Also, those who regularly clean their equipment with a power washer are more likely to discover possible problems before they get out of hand and compromise a valuable work day.

American Pressure Inc. has a pressure washer suited for every type of construction job and for every piece of equipment. In this line of work everything from a simple hand tool to a massive bulldozer requires cleaning, and our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding a power washer with the proper mobility, pressure, heat and flexibility. Our portable and custom trailer mounted pressure washers make cleanup easier and more convenient since you can remove things such as paint or cement before they have time to harden. And with a mobile reclamation system, you can use your machine on jobsites without creating a wet or muddy mess.

American Pressure has a line of chemicals that fits the construction market well. Help your pressure washer cut through dirt and grime faster with Grease Bite or Gorilla Wash. Both are concentrated chemicals that are biodegradable. In addition to great cleaning power and low cost of usage we also offer FREE chemical delivery in the metro area with a purchase of 55 gallons or more.

Hot water and high Pressure are common for this market and serve most of the equipment cleaning requirements. Hot water can also be required for washing construction material before it is used. From wind farms to bridges and everything in between we have the experience to get you what you need. Heck, with our large inventory, chances are we already have it here.

Some applications like paint removal, hydro-excavation and new concrete washing only require cold water. We stock rotating nozzles, hoses, guns and flat surface cleaning attachments, so we have what you need, when you need it. We have great options in stock for almost every budget as well.

If you already have a pressure washer, make sure you give us a call next time you need a part or service. We ship parts orders the same day if you call by 4:00 PM and offer flexible service arrangements. We can fix your machine at your location, you can drop it off here or you can ship it to us from anywhere in the country.

Don’t risk your livelihood by not properly caring for your costly tools and machinery. Instead, give us a call and we will help ensure your equipment lasts long and performs well for years to come with the help of our pressure washers.