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Because the government is involved in so many different industries, it has a unique need for a variety of pressure washers. Municipal and military agencies especially require the use of high pressure cleaning as they regularly perform cleanups on public facilities and vehicles and are responsible for maintaining all community properties.

Local governments find our sprayers and steamers to work especially well for washing buildings and sidewalks and for removing difficult stains such as graffiti and gum. In addition, a pressure washer is a great way to preserve the appearance and lengthen the life of municipal vehicles. Similarly, military organizations have numerous trucks, tanks, and other equipment that can easily accumulate dirt and grime if not cleaned regularly.

Government agencies have a duty to set an example and to serve the people. Thus, they should take measures to ensure their cleanup routines aren’t causing unnecessary damage to the environment or the health of their citizens. When using chemicals or cleaning up contaminated areas, the runoff produced has the potential to be harmful. However, American Pressure, Inc., can supply your group with a pressure washer that eliminates little to no waste, and with a vacuum and water treatment system you can easily comply with EPA waste water discharge regulations.

Our pressure washers can handle everything from animal control, to road maintenance, to environmental cleanup, and more. Give American Pressure, Inc., a call to discuss the many ways government agencies can utilize this versatile form of cleaning.


The maintenance of public places, government vehicles, and community buildings all require the use of high pressure cleaning.