From fancy Restaurants to your all-night Diners – American Pressure’s lineup of commercial pressure washers and cleaning solutions can be a very valuable employee to your greasy spoon or white table establishment. Dating back to 1975 our family-owned business understands your cleaning needs with our customer first approach wither you’re a small café or major chain franchise, you will have a full stock of inventory to choose from including tools and solutions for eliminating grease, grime, residue and soil from kitchen equipment, prep areas, parking lots and entrances. Five-star reviews are not only for food, first impressions are everything – so keep your front and back of house clean with the help of American Pressure Inc.

Restaurant and Kitchen Cleaning Hot Spots 

Kitchen Floors & Mats
The daily cleaning of kitchen floors and rubber mats is a most essential duty to stop slipping hazards and accumulation of bacteria, grime and food waste buildup.
Grease Traps & Vent Hoods
Fire Hazard! Accumulating grease in traps and hoods is an igniter for kitchen fires and more, it’s also harder to remove the grease the more it’s ignored.
Food Prep Equipment & Areas
Cross contamination is a big no-no in the food industry – Just ask Jon Taffer – cutting boards, utensils and dishware must be cleaned daily to prevent sickness to your patrons.
Chafing Dishes & Catering Supplies
After a busy night the pots, pans, dishes start to pile up. Stay on top of the mess with a quick rinse and spray.
Entryways & Walkways
A clean and inviting entrance makes patrons feel more welcome and comfortable, cut down on the dirt by maintaining the entryway and walkways.
Food & Delivery Trucks
Your popular food truck needs a cleaning after that busy festival weekend, take care of the outside – and inside – with our many products.

Recommended Pressure Washers for Restaurants, Kitchens & Catering

VHG SeriesSEA Series (Stainless Steel)MHC Series
Compact yet heavy duty, with a footprint of 24” x 53” the VHG is ideal where workspace is at a premium. Up to 5 GPM at 3000 PSI of hot water provides enough cleaning power for a variety of tasks.

·         Natural Gas or LP Heated
·         Programmable Smart Control
·         Wireless or Wired Remote Options
·         Multiple Voltages Available
·         CETA Performance Certified
·         ETL Safety Certified
This compact, stainless steel cabinet is the top of the line stationary cold water pressure washer on the market today.  The SEA can be mounted on the wall or on a floor stand and can accept hot water up to 175°F.

·         Up to 4.2 GPM and 3000 PSI
·         Multiple Voltages Available
·         Remote Options Available
·         31”L x 21”W x 16”H
·         CETA Performance Certified
·         ETL Safety Certified
With a rugged frame, stainless steel coil wrap and flat free tires, the MHC is still easy to maneuver.  With a compact frame design of 52”L x 29”W x 45”H, the MHC can easily fit through doorways and other tight spaces to make your cleaning easier.

·         Up to 3.5 GPM and 3500 PSI
·         Optional Front Caster Wheel Kit
·         Optional Hose Reel Platform
·         CETA Performance Certified
·         ETL Safety Certified
ZEF SeriesPHW SeriesHD Gas Series
Landa’s ZEF cold water pressure washer has a flexible design and industrial features that make it ideal for indoor applications.  Comes standard with a remote wall switch with 10 foot cord to easily turn unit on at a wash station away from the pressure washer. 

·         Optional Wall Mount Bracket
·         Auto Start/Stop Feature Standard
·         CETA Performance Certified
·         ETL Safety Certified

Renowned for its quality and innovation, the PHW now has patented Cool-Bypass technology that limits temperature buildup in the pump during periods of inactivity which prolongs the life of the equipment. Up to 4.8 GPM and 3000 PSI of hot water.

·         Multiple Voltages Available
·         Optional Hose Reel Platform
·         Optional Time Delay and Auto Start/Stop
·         CETA Performance Certified
·         ETL Safety Certified

Compact and corrosion resistant aluminum frames.  The Landa HD is easy to maneuver with its lightweight frame and flat free tires.  Up to 4 GPM and 4000 PSI

·         Industrial Honda or Vanguard Engine
·         Optional Hose Reel Bracket
·         Electric Start Available on Certain Models
·         CETA Performance Certified
·         ETL Safety Certified

💦 See how a custom designed pressure washer system from Landa keeps kitchen and dining areas clean, staff safe and patrons coming back to Nolan’s Restaurant. We do the exact same thing at American Pressure with our custom engineering and decades of experience. 💦


Not sure whether a hot or cold water unit would serve you best? Wondering about a high-pressure compared to a high-volume machine? Our pressure washer pros can assist you in making an informed purchase, rental, or leasing decision. At American Pressure, we are dedicated to giving you the best product for your application. With us, it isn’t simply a pressure washer, it’s the right pressure washer, quality and timely service after the sale, and a large inventory of parts and accessories for your cleaning needs. We want you to get the best value for your pressure washing needs and we are here to help. Give us a call at 800-544-0836 or send us an email.