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Pressure washing for hours at a time or even short periods is a physically demanding task. The AP-4850 trigger gun features innovative cam over center technology which uses the laws of physics to make your job easier and less fatiguing. This trigger gun’s blend of durability, quality, and easy pull technology makes for an improved and less grueling pressure washing experience. Less fatiguing and more comfortable work will increase productivity and employee moral. Cam over Center Trigger Pull Action greatly reduces pull force and holding force. Holding force is 80% less than many common trigger guns in the market and about 50% to 60% less than industrial trigger guns sold today. Its traditional design means it’s easy to release and stop the spray of high pressure water. It doesn’t require two hands to release. It is equipped with a safety lock, 3/8” Female Pipe inlet, 1/4″ Female Pipe Outlet Ratings of 4850 PSI, 300°F and 13 GPM make this gun an ideal fit for almost any pressure washer. Part Number: AP-4850 American Pressure Inc. is a leading supplier and service provider of industrial pressure washers. Virtually all industries have to deal with some type of dirt or grime, and we are dedicated to helping you solve your cleaning problems efficiently and effectively. No matter your business, American Pressure Inc. has industrial pressure washers to meet your needs.

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