Landa Hot Water Generator NG-3000LM

  • Part Number 1.103-902.0
  • Model Number NG-3000LM
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The NG is a stationary, natural gas heated hot water generator that can be attached to a cold water pressure washer making it a hot water washer.  The NG does not have a pump but simply heats the pressurized water, as much as 150°F above the water’s ambient temperature, so it can be used for cleaning the toughest of cleaning challenges.  There are two models in the NG line, the “LM” version being much larger with a modulating gas valve and is able to heat water at flow rates of up to 10.6 GPM.  Both models can be converted to LP gas.  The NG-3000 has 154 feet of 1/2” Schedule 80 heating coil, while the NG-3000LM has 360 feet of 3/4” Schedule 80 heating coil and both come with a 5 year warranty on the coil.


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  • Up to 10.6 GPM
  • Up to 3000 PSI
  • 9 Foot 1/2” Wire Braided Hose to Connect to Cold Water Pressure Washer
  • 360 Foot 3/4” Schedule 80 Heating Coil with 5 Year Warranty
  • Up to 150°F Temperature Rise
  • Heated by Natural Gas – LP Conversion Kit Option
  • CETA Performance Certified
  • Certified to UL 1776 Safety Standards

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