MDM-1500 Mobile Disinfectant Mister Spraying Machine + Discounted Vital Oxide Pallet (27 Pails, 135 Gallons) SAVE $600


$179.00 5 Gallon Pails x 27 = $4,833 + $2,249 MDM-1500 = $7,082 – $600 Discount = $6,482 (8% Savings!)

This high pressure applicator is designed to atomize liquid into a fine mist for good coverage and quick application of sanitizers, disinfectants or other non-corrosive chemicals. The cad is heavy duty and features a tank capable of holding 15 gallons of liquid. The heavy duty casters make this easy to transport or move where you need it.

A non-marking 50′ applicator hose gives you the range you need to apply in large areas efficiently and quickly. An inline high pressure swivel eliminates kinking of hoses as you work. In addition, we have a valve to allow you to dispense your mixture into other containers or drain as needed.

Easy to use and ready to operate. Put your liquid into the tank, plug it in and turn it on. No extra hoses or connections to fiddle with, innovative plumbing design allows you to run full shifts without the risk of over heating the pump, so long as liquid is in the tank.

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“Spray It, Don’t Say it!”

  • The high pressure of this unit makes it an ideal choice compared to hand held or other sprayers, the pressure will provide smaller droplet sizes and better coverage.
  • 3 Gallons Per hour of fluid application with standard misting nozzle.
  • Quality components featuring a 1/2HP motor, triplex oil bath pump.
  • Features a hose reel and hooks for quick and easy storage of the applicator hose and misting gun!

Note: Demand is high and supplies are limited, we reserve the right to change components without notice, including color of cart and hose, and HP of motor. Always make sure you wear proper PPE for any task. Follow instructions on any product being used, American Pressure cannot control the use of this product and makes no warranties implied or expressed that the American Pressure MDM-1500 will disinfect or sanitize with a product. It is the users responsibility to ensure they are applying within the guidelines of chemicals they are using. Do not use this product to spray chemicals that should not be atomized or could cause a health or property risk if they are. Do Not Run Dry. Keep from Freezing.