The Automatic Solution to Clean your Parts

Automatic Parts Washers, Aqueous Parts Washers, Water Based Parts Washers and Solvent Free Parts Washers are all names for the same type of product. Automatic Parts Washers, or APW’s for short, are a fast and easy way to clean off greasy and grimy parts. Put the parts in, close the door, come back later and remove the cleaned parts. The units circulate and spray hot water at high volume and low pressure to flood and clean the parts. They could be compared to a giant powerful dishwasher.

Automatic Parts Washers have a couple of large advantages over traditional solvent scrub tubs. First, they save labor, because parts go in dirty and come out clean allowing employees to focus on other tasks. Second, they eliminate much of the environmental and health concern of solvents. Our parts washers are water based and reuse a soap water mix to achieve great results without the hazards and odors of solvents. The soap blend contains great cleaning agents and is formulated with anti-foam, rinsing and rust inhibiting properties.

Automatic parts washers have many industrial uses, but one of the most common places to find an automatic water based parts washer is in a vehicle repair shop.  Transmissions, drain pans, wheels and almost every other car or truck part is easier to inspect and work on when it is clean.

Their application to process improvement and result improvement doesn’t stop there. Medical device manufacturing, aerospace, plastic manufacturing, recondition shops of many types, cities, states and counties and countless other types of customers have benefited from this technology.

In addition to the labor savings and the health and environmental benefits that come from using no solvents, automatic parts washers provide other environmental and bottom line benefits as well. The water in the sump of the washer can be used for many months and does not go down the drain after each use.

The automatic water fill is an option for most parts washers and will refill the tank as water is evaporated. Oil skimmers are a standard feature on most models and will skim the free oil from the solution tank. Timers are a great add-on feature and can be used to turn heating elements and oil skimmers on and off. Turning the skimmer on in the middle of the night when the water is not stirred up and the oil has risen to the top helps extend the life of the water and make the skimmer more effective.

We stock Cuda front-load and Cuda top-load parts washers for demonstration. We are glad to bring the units to you so you can see how they work and decide if it is the right investment to make. We are also glad to wash parts here for you as a sample to make sure the product will work with your cleaning process. While the exact parts washer you try might not be what you eventually purchase, it will let you know how the technology will work for you. Then we can order in the right size, voltage, and configuration for your needs.

If you are tired of your old rusty parts washer, now is a great time to trade it in or replace it. All stainless steel parts washers are more affordable than ever with the addition of many models to Cuda’s standard lineup, including these top-load automatic parts washers: Cuda H2O-2412, Cuda H2O-2216, Cuda SJ-15 and these front-load automatic parts washers: Cuda H2O-2530, Cuda H20-2840, Cuda H2O-2848, Cuda H2O-3648, Cuda H2O-4860, Cuda H2O-7248, Cuda H2O-7272.


Give us a call next time you are in the market for a new or used Automatic Parts Washer, or if you ever need service or would like any information. We are only a phone call away at 800-544-0836. We offer leases, and accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express to purchase automatic parts washers and we will gladly accommodate government bids, ACH or EFT payments.