Designing the Best Possible Solution for You

At American Pressure, we pride ourselves in providing unique services that include fabricating, installing and designing anything pressure washer related. We can provide your pressure washers with specific stacking so your unit will run efficiently and correctly. We can build a custom trailer to any specifications that you request. We can equip your wash bay with a custom curtain or with multiple stations. An American Pressure representative will even stop by your location to give you expert advice on what would be best for you. If you aren’t sure of what you need or what would be the best solution for you, that’s okay. That is what American Pressure is here for.

We enjoy one-off projects that involve customization, from options as simple as custom paint colors to match your fleet, to all stainless steel wetted parts to handle RO or DI water, we have done it for our customers. Whether you’re pumping water, maple syrup, oil, liquid carbon dioxide, gasoline, antifreeze or even honey, we can probably help you out. Heating water or other fluids to very hot or even steam temperatures is something we know well. From cleaning a truck to lining a sewer we can help you move and heat your water. We have outfitted trailers to wash parking ramps and even train cars.


Give us a call today and let our experts help set you up with what you need. The possibilities are endless!