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Steam: The Best Solution for Ice Dam Problems

When it comes to removing ice dams, steam means different things to different people. Just like the word “truck” can mean a semi truck, a pickup truck or a hand truck, steam invokes different images to different people. So we want to talk about what a roof steamer is and isn’t. To be safe on […]

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Pressure Washers, Steamers And Damage To A Roof

December 26, 2012 by Ben Hagemann I have been employed in the cleaning equipment industry for 16 years and have used, tested and sold hundreds of pieces of equipment. I am very familiar with hot water pressure washers and steamers and as a company we offer both types of equipment and each have advantages and […]

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Flow And Pressure

November 29, 2012 by Ben Hagemann It has been said that water without pressure is just a puddle, the other extreme is pressure with little water is just mist is also true. When looking at any application both pressure and water volume are key, it is always a balance. On any application there is a […]

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