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Why is my pressure washer not spraying at full pressure?

There are many possible reasons, with something simple as clogged filters. One place to start is replacing your unloader. If that does not solve the problem it is likely a pump issue where the pump needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

Comparing Pressure Washer GPM and PSI-Which is more important

Choosing the correct GPM and PSI combination depends on your application and how quick you want your cleaning time to be. We look at impact force as a great way to help show how different combinations of GPM and PSI equal a higher impact force which in turn means a quicker cleaning time.

Power Washer Vs Pressure Washer-What is the difference?

A power washer uses hot water & high-pressure stream to blast dirt and materials from surfaces. A power washer is better for removing grease, road film, and stuck on substances.

A pressure washer uses cold water & high-pressure stream and is great for blasting dirt but won’t work well for stuck on surfaces.

The addition of heat to a pressure washer is key in speeding up cleaning time and removal of stuck on surfaces.

Are you in the need of an owner’s manual, pump breakdown or electrical diagram?

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