Food Processing


Food processing plants have industry regulations beyond simply keeping facilities and equipment clean. While it is essential to keep things sanitary and ensure proper operations, it’s also important to have solutions in place to meet your diverse cleaning needs, from the delicate to the heavy duty. American Pressure can fit your business with the appropriate adjustable power pressure washer, as well as cleaners, to ensure your business is operating above and beyond industry safety obligations.

We understand that every food processing and sanitizing application is unique. That is why we always enjoy invitations to come to your location and understand your particular needs. And, YES we will come out in the middle of the night when your sanitation or cleaning crew is busy working. We enjoy experimenting with various flow rates, pressures and temperatures to find out what cleans most efficiently.

In addition to helping you meet regulations in your food preparation areas, we will work on the front end of a system designed to provide huge benefits in saved labor, water and energy costs all while achieving superior results.

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Avoiding downtime in cleaning by making sure the pressure washers are running well and functioning like they should is part of what we do. It is not as simple as fixing it when it is broken, although that is part of it. Keeping machines and processes running involves the right machines, backed up by our huge parts inventory. And those machines must be designed to last and be easy to repair and maintain. It is common in food manufacturing companies that a maintenance employee is responsible for the repair of the pressure washers. We have knowledgeable phone support, offer hands-on training and are always glad to help whether you bought your machine from us or have a different brand.

Think of how you currently clean and sanitize, maybe with a garden hose, maybe a pressure washer. What effect would 10 extra degrees of water temperature have on the effectiveness of your cleaning agents? How much energy would you save if you went from a garden hose with hot water to a pressurized spray? Take a few minutes to look at your costs and give us a call to see how we can help. All while protecting your manufacturing equipment, helping the environment and increasing your bottom line.

Don’t let your competitors choose superior technology and methods.

We have done everything from providing a simple 110 Volt pressure washer to installing a complete in-plant system that runs multiple drops. If you have hot water we have pumps that can utilize it. If you need to use food grade oil, we know which pumps will work well. Anytime you are spraying water, cleaning a conveyor or sanitizing an area and need a part, service, piece of equipment or just a little technical help we are only a phone call away. Call us at 763-521-4442 for help with any cleaning equipment needed.