Softwash is a method of cleaning and sanitizing outdoor surfaces, such as roofs, siding, and sidewalks, using a low-pressure spray and specialized cleaning solution. It is a gentle and safe alternative to pressure washing, which can sometimes cause damage to surfaces. Softwash effectively removes dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants without harming the surface being cleaned. It is an effective way to improve the appearance and longevity of outdoor surfaces without the risk of causing damage.

  • PF22.2 Foam Cannon PF22.2 Foam Cannon

    PF22.2 Foam Cannon

    The PF22.2 foam cannon stands alone as the most reliable foam cannon in the industry. With its new standing 32 oz foam cannon bottle, you no longer have to worry about spills and tipping over. Whether you are foaming down your car on the weekend or are a...
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  • Injector Bypass Kit - Softwash

    Injector Bypass Kit

    Ideal for softwash use. Quick couple injector bypass kit, uses a high draw injector with ceramic ball. Bypass the injector when you want to rinse with low pressure. Stainless steel couplers, DN10 ball valve, 2-wire braid hose and select which injector...
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  • Suttner - ST-2315 Spray Gun (Chemical Resistant)

    Suttner - ST-2315 Spray Gun (Chemical Resistant)

    The ceramic ball valve is extremely durable, able to withstand most soaps and acids. It features an easy-to-use trigger that requires half the effort of other rear-entry guns, making it ideal for high-volume trigger cycling applications. The spray gun...
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    BE - Turbo Rotary Nozzle Assembly 4.0

    BE - Turbo Rotary Nozzle Assembly 4.0

    This nozzle provides very fast and powerful cleaning on hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks.An inline water filter protects the system from contaminants in the water while the circular spray pattern maximizes pressure and cleans faster than a...
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    Now: $74.99
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  • General Pump - YLS12 Foam Lance

    General Pump - YLS12 Foam Lance

    YLS12 Foamer Lance with 1.5 mm Injector designed to help you pressure wash quickly and save money! Attached easily to your pressure washer wand, this detergent foamer mixes air, detergent and water in the nozzle to create a thick foam that stays on...
  • General Pump - J-ROD Quad Multi Nozzle Holder, 682491150916, 2560001

    General Pump - J-ROD Quad Multi Nozzle Holder

    This handy tool made from 304 Stainless Steel, allows you to very quickly switch between four different nozzles on one spray gun wand. It accepts any 1/4" NPT-M thread spray nozzles and turns each one into a quick-connect tip. Works great for changing...
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