Hydro Excavating


Hydro Excavation is a demanding job, both on equipment and operators.  American Pressure has many of the right tools to help both.  Our know how on pumps and heaters is second to none.  Our inventory is here to help you keep running.  We specialize in the pumping, spraying and heating aspects of Hydro Excavating.  Pumps, hoses, nozzles and lances: WE stock what YOU need!

American Pressure is the place to buy your hydro excavation accessories, because we have great value.  Uptime, quality, and price are how we make American Pressure the right choice for hydro-excavating accessories.  We stock what you need in quantity, buy it right so we can offer you the best price.  American Pressure knows the industry and we are here to work with you on a custom list of the best accessories for you or your crews.  You can come in and get what you need, call in an order and have it ready in minutes or expect your shipment to leave the same day.  Ask us more about our rebate program, for those that qualify we will give you a rebate at the end of the year based on your spending with us.

We know we have done our job for you when we have answered your questions, delivered quality products quickly and added to your bottom line!  Call us today at 763-521-4442 to find out more.

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The right parts to get the job done. At American Pressure we stock the right accessories for the experienced Hydro Excavating Operator.  Like any industry the leading professionals have different opinions on the best tool for the job.  At American Pressure, we stock in quantity:

  • Rotating Nozzles - including Hydra-Flex’s RipSaw, Suttner’s 457 Series and many other brands and styles.
  • Pumps, Clutches, and Repair Kits for everything from tow behind trailers to the larger truck units.
  • Trigger Guns including General Pump’s potholing gun, with dozens of options including 1/2″ Pipe threads
  • Lances and Wands including Stainless Steel and Aluminum 1/2″ thread and 1/4″ thread. 
  • High Pressure Ball Valves, Unloader Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Regulating Valves, 4″ and 6″ Gate Lever Valves and much more. 
  • Custom Heaters to go with almost any unit and the parts to repair what you have
  • Great variety in locking and standard Quick Couplers
  • Many different options in hose length, color and size.
  • Great Pricing, Contract Pricing, Custom Catalogs for you or your crews.

aprebate.jpgIncrease YOUR bottom line with the American Pressure Rebate Program.

A Rebate Program designed to help your bottom line as you send more.

Our Hydro Excavating pricing is very competitive, and if we aren’t the best price, we are glad to price match.  Add to our already great pricing with a year end rebate.  Depending on your spend level you will receive a portion of your annual spending with us back in a credit memo. Just one more way we help you keep your business strong and profitable. Call us today at 763-521-4442 for more rebate information.