Service Above the Sale

American Pressure’s service technicians are here to help you stay up and running.

Preventative Plans Plus Free 25-point Check

With two fully stocked service vans, we are prepared to come to you if you can’t make it to us. American Pressure also offers Preventative Maintenance Plans and a free 25-point check for any soap delivery of 55 Gallons or more.

Hard Water Problem?

If you have a hard water problem that could lead to unwanted scale buildup, we have two solutions that can help keep your equipment safe and keep your pressure washer up and running. You can install a ScalTrol system on the inlet water supply to your pressure washer. This system keeps the minerals in the water suspended which keeps them from binding to the outer walls and building scale. Or, if scale is already starting to form, use Scale-Away to flush out that unwanted buildup and get your power washer back to peak performance.

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