Did you know out of the top ten agriculture-producing states in the United States, three are within a short drive from us? Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

From small to large agriculture we have provided solutions to a broad range of customers and uses. We have provided equipment, parts and service to many areas of agriculture, including cash-crop farmers growing soybeans, corn, wheat, potatoes, sugar beets and even sod. We have also worked with almost every aspect of livestock farming, from furrowing barns to butcher shops. There is always a mess that a pressure washer can clean. 

Each industry has unique challenges and opportunities, and agriculture is no different. Single-phase power and propane-fired burners are common requirements for hog confinements and tying multiple pumps into a single plumbing system is often a great solution. Stainless steel triple stack units are just one of many custom pressure washer systems that American Pressure has used to meet specific customer needs. These triple pressure washer units feature three independent pumps, motors and controls. One of our customers placed two units side-by-side with two Landa NG-3000LM water heaters to design a system that allows four pumps to run simultaneously and has two backup pumps for times when maintenance is required.
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We stock many brands of rotating nozzles, because the spinning action of a rotary nozzle will help blast dirt, poop and other animal excrements away quickly. Efficiency in pressure washing helps to save labor, water, electricity and fuel. We understand how the equipment works so we can provide you a quality solution that offers the best value and return on your investment.
With the ever present risk of disease, barn cleaning is more common and we offer trailers complete with pressure washers, water tanks and hose reels. Hot water pressure washers are key in cleaning and sanitizing barns and pens. Making sure you have the right combination of cleaning volume, pressure and heat to get the job done is our number one priority. Did you know that 1000 PSI water will cool at about 2.1°F per inch, while 5000 PSI water cools at close to 2.8°F per inch with a 15° nozzle? Put us to work so your pressure washer will literally pay for itself in labor, fuel and water savings.

American Pressure has decades of experience learning, discovering and perfecting the tools to clean with high pressure spray. Make sure you consider us on your next purchase and remember we service what we sell and we service any other brand of industrial power washer and steam cleaner on the market. We are located in the northwest suburb of Minneapolis and are just minutes away from row crops, market gardens, big ag and truck farms - so we understand and care about your farming needs, because we are your neighbor. 


Every year, we here at American Pressure are happy to donate two hot water and two cold water pressure washers for the CHS Miracle of Birth Center at the Minnesota State Fair to use. It is the largest state fair in the United States by average daily attendance and the second-largest state fair in the United States by total attendance. The CHS Miracle of Birth Center is one of the more popular attractions at the Fair and we are honored that our equipment keeps the animals, volunteers and fairgoers safe and clean.