Pressure Washing


Turn the Pressure On

American Pressure Inc. carries the top pressure washer brands on the market. No matter the job—big or small—we’ll find the right equipment for you to get the job done, and get it done right.

Finding the Cleaning Option that Best Meets Your Needs

A pressure washer is designed to clean specific surfaces and areas and, like other tools, is both a labor-saving and cost-saving device. We have solutions based upon your needs, from new to used, and we try to cater to what is important to you.

There are three main sources to drive the pump on a pressure washer—gas engine, diesel engine or electric motor (pneumatic or hydraulic drives are also available, please call for more information). Gas and diesel engines are designed for portability and allow for higher volume and pressure which equals faster cleaning times. Electric motors are generally designed for indoor use and run much quieter when compared to a gas/diesel engine driven power washer.

If you are looking for a hot water machine or steam cleaner, there are five main sources to heat the water—natural gas, propane, diesel, kerosene or electricity. If you only need heat for part of your cleaning applications, most pressure pumps accept hot water from your current water heater or you can use a standalone unit that we offer. If you have a big job coming up or your unit is being repaired, we offer both short-term and long-term rentals on cold or hot water pressure washers as well as trailer mounted units.

The pressure pumps can be supplied with hot water, cold water or fluids that aren’t water at all. Power washers are most commonly used for cleaning grease, grime and dirt, but there are many other uses including industrial processes, humidification and spray wand phosphating. Construction of industrial and heavy use pressure washers will often feature a belt drive pump and can also be controlled by a variable frequency drive. Medium duty power washers will often feature a high-speed pump that is directly attached to an engine or motor.

hotwatergasengineoil2.jpg hotwaterelectricmotoroilfired.jpg hotwaterelectricmotornglp.jpg

Hot Water Gas Engine Oil Fired

Portability at its finest, all you need is a water supply and you are ready to clean. These units can be mounted in a trailer or pickup truck with or without a water supply tank or simply moved to a different location or area with the wheel kit option.

Hot Water Electric Motor Oil Fired

Ideal for indoor use when you have multiple areas or buildings that you need to clean, or when a natural gas or propane line is not available. The 4-wheel design comes with options to aid in maneuverability such as adding caster wheels to the front or upgrading to all flat-free tires.

Hot Water Electric Motor NG/LP

Heavy duty units that are the work horses for wash bays. The burner can run off either natural gas or liquid propane and your set up can be custom installed with options from adding a curtain, stand or trolley system to having multiple drops or spraying stations, to installing the pressure washer in a separate room. If you are unsure how you want your wash bay laid out, we will come out and meet with you to help figure out what will work best.




 Hot Water Diesel Engine Diesel Fired

The convenience of one fuel source can come in handy, especially when resources are limited. These diesel-powered and diesel-heated units come standard on a skid mount platform and are waiting to be installed on your truck or trailer. Looking for more maneuverability for your diesel-powered pressure washer? Lift/stack platform kits or wheel kits are easy add-ons.

 Hot Water All Electric

Ideal when you need hot water but space is tight and open flames are out of the question. Whether the job site is a manufacturing facility, food processing plant or chemical plant, these electric powered and electric heated power washers will keep your operation running clean and safe!

Cold Water Gas Engine

From the heavy use contract cleaner to the light use homeowner, these gas engine cold water units give you the cleaning power and portability you are looking for.




Cold Water Electric Motor

Ideal for indoor use, can be mounted on the wall or kept portable with the wheeled or handheld cart designs. If you only need heat for part of your cleaning, most models can accept hot water from your hot water heater and some are capable of handling up to 185°F water.

Cold Water Diesel Engine

When you are in a remote location or fuel sources are limited, these diesel engine cold water units can save the day.

Steam Cleaner

Have some engine grease, heavy construction equipment, kitchen exhaust hood, tanker, vat or barrels that need cleaning? These steam cleaners will do the job without all the splashback. Depending on your needs, you have oil fired options with wheels or gas fired designed for permanent installation.




Ice Dam Steamer

The Arctic Steamer is the only steamer on the market designed specifically for the removal of ice dams. This machine is designed to be easy to use, maintain and repair. The 4-wheel design and lay down coil are ideal for maneuverability and transportation. The flip open lid makes winterization between jobs a breeze. Check out our Arctic Steamer page for more information.

 Trailer Units

From the all-in-one Landa ECOS mobile wash/reclaim/decontamination system to a cold-water detail trailer, we have you covered. From designing a system from the ground up to helping you layout a design on a trailer you already own, customization is our specialty. So, put us to the test. With the water tank and pressure washer mounted on the trailer, this is portability at its finest. Just hook up to the trailer and go.


With 150-plus units in stock, chances are we will have what you are looking for. If not, we will order in the custom unit that fits your needs directly from one of the many industrial brands of pressure washers we distribute.


Key Pressure Washer Terms and Measurements

Hopefully you find this page useful in sorting through many of the pressure washer terms and measurements that are used. We believe that knowledge will help you make the best decision.

Usually measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). This is the measurement of how much pressure is contained inside the system. Once it leaves the nozzle there is no pressure. The pressure is utilized to accelerate the water through the nozzle to give it speed.

Pressure Water Volume
Usually measured in gallons per minute (GPM). This is the water flow rate that is moved by the pump, directed by the unloader valve and leaves the nozzle.

Pressure Nozzle
Typically located at the end of the wand, it restricts the water flow and builds system pressure.

The spray from a pressure washer nozzle is an accelerated group of droplets of various sizes that travel to accomplish cleaning. The pressure of the system gives the water a push, but the water volume is the key to faster cleaning. Water without pressure is just a puddle, but pressure without enough water is just a mist. Neither do much to clean.


How to Compare Pressure Washers

One term often used to reference pressure washers is cleaning units. But it’s a poor way to compare because it tells you almost nothing about the units. Cleaning units is pressure multiplied by volume.

A better way to compare is to use impact force. This tells you how much force the spray is causing and how much reaction force pushes back against the nozzle. This is .0526 x volume x square root of pressure.


To double the impact force you must either quadruple the pressure or double the water volume.



Not sure whether a hot or cold water unit would serve you best? Wondering about a high-pressure compared to a high-volume machine? Our pressure washer pros can assist you in making an informed purchase, rental, or leasing decision. At American Pressure, we are dedicated to giving you the best product for your application. With us, it isn’t simply a pressure washer, it’s the right pressure washer, quality and timely service after the sale, and a large inventory of parts and accessories for your cleaning needs. We want you to get the best value for your pressure washing needs and we are here to help. Give us a call at 800-544-0836 or send us an email.