Arctic Steamer Oil Fired Steam Cleaner- Arctic Steamer

  • Part Number Arctic Steamer
  • Model Number Arctic Steamer


The Arctic Steamer is a rugged, dependable steamer that combines mobility with extreme ice melting power.  The stainless steel lid and easy to access float tank makes winterizing and operating is temperatures well below freezing about as simple as can be.  The oversized flat free tires with turn handle and dry weight of only 380 pounds help with maneuverability.  The burner cage protection, water separator fuel filter, adjustable temperature control and pressure relief valve are just some of the features found on the Arctic Steamer.  This machine can support well over 400 feet of hose and still operate normally, allowing you to keep the machine in your truck and not have to unload and load it back up again.  American Pressure is the leader in ice dam removal equipment and we recommend using steam.  Lower pressure so it won’t damage roofing material, 290 degree steam means less water run off & faster ice removal, easy to hold wand, no hammering or pounding means piece of mind for your customers and the equipment can be used at temperatures well below freezing. The steamer is the first and only designed specifically as an ice dam steamer.


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  • Professional Packages includes:
  • Steam Wands with various nozzles
  • Hundreds of feet of Steamer Hose
  • Repair Parts and extra accessories


  • 2.4 GPM @ 290°F
  • 120v/1Ph/9 Amps
  • 35 Foot Cord Length
  • Heated by Kerosene

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Ice Dam Steamer

Part Number

Arctic Steamer


Arctic Steamer


Arctic Steamer