Water Recycling Systems


The Cleaning Solution for Clean Water

Responsible stewardship of the environment and compliance with legal requirements is important to every enterprise. We know that pressure washers conserve water and labor, but as they wash they generate dirty water. American Pressure has a number of quality solutions to deal with dirty wash water.

Understanding your waste water stream is the first step. Does it contain heavy metals or other items that are illegal to discharge into the sanitary sewer?

Understanding what you want to do with your water is next. Would you want to process it and reuse your waste water, treat the water to go down the sewer or have it hauled off?

Evaporation is commonly used if you have a waste stream that is difficult to process, such as cutting fluids from machine shops. There are many reasons an evaporator is a good solution. But, typically the number one reason to buy an evaporator is to lower disposal costs. When you purchase an evaporator from us, the first thing we do is calculate your savings and look to see how the equipment will help your bottom line and how fast the equipment will pay for itself. Cost per gallon to evaporate with natural gas starts at about 7 cents per gallon or around $70.00 per 1000 gallons. Electric costs are closer to 25 cents per gallon or $250.00 per 1000 gallons.
We like to run numbers with your energy and haul off costs. Should it make sense to go further, the next thing we do is water testing, first to make sure the process will be safe with your waste stream and second to set batch counts and maintenance schedules. We feature Water Maze evaporators, like the innovative WB-120 and WB-50 models as well as the HBG and HBE evaporators. We want to be your waste fluid solution.
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Another solution is filtration for discharge or reuse. We have many technologies at our disposal. One thing that helps any water processing operation is pretreatment or prefiltration. We will help you with shop drawings and floor design and layout. Having a floor and drain designed to control water flow and move things in the right direction will help to separate out solids. Sump Pits and separated pits give the needed separation and dwell time to remove more solids and free oils. Floor design, drains, and pits will do the majority of the work if they are designed right. This means less maintenance and expense with the recycling and processing equipment.
We offer:
  • Indexing Paper Filters
  • Coalescing Grids
  • Oil Skimmers
  • CoAg (Coagulation or Electro Coagulation) Systems
  • Flocculation Systems
  • Filtration Systems
  • BioRemediation Systems
  • PH Adjustment and PH Permissive Systems
  • Ultra-Filtration

Most of the time a combination of technologies is the best solution. We work hard to understand your needs and requirements, from a good gray water to blast mud from a track to a live microbe environment to digest organics, oils and fertilizers at a golf course.