Arctic Steamer Parts

  • Stainless Steel Swivel Male 3/8″x 3/8″ Female 4000 PSI

    Stainless Steel Swivel - 3/8″

    This American Pressure Stainless Steel Pressure Washer Swivel eliminates hose twist and reduces stress on the operator and on fittings. Stainless Steel for durability and resistance to rupture under high pressure. For use between the hose and the gun...
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  • Scale-Away - Powdered Descale Scale-Away - Powdered Descale

    Scale-Away - Powdered Descale - 46oz Canister

    Scale can build up in your plumbing and heating coils, and this scale can lead to decreased performance and costly repairs. Scale will form as calcium, lime and iron separate from the water as it is heated. These minerals stick to the inner surfaces...
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  • American Pressure - Cone Steam Nozzle

    Arctic Steamer Cone Steam Nozzle

    Steam nozzles are great for removing moisture as well as oil from steel surfaces. The inlet narrows to form a throat, which is followed by an enlarging form so that atmospheric pressure is reached by adiabatic expansion, producing a flat jet pattern...
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  • Comet Fan / Flat Steam Nozzle 1450 PSI

    Arctic Steamer Fan Steam Nozzle

    Replacement nozzle for the Arctic Steamer. Our steam fan nozzles are the highest quality, the spray pattern of the nozzle opens up the available cleaning area and allows professionals to cut through and remove ice dams in minutes. Also used often for the...
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  • Veloci - Vacuum Switch

    Arctic Steamer Vacuum Switch

    Replacement part for the Arctic Steamer. This Vacuum Switch has approximately 4" x 5" x 4" dimensions with ratings of 250 V -16 A. You can install this switch in the 'Normally Closed' or 'Normally Open' position depending upon assembly instructions on...
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  • Arctic Steamer Fuel Nozzle

    Arctic Steamer Fuel Nozzle

    Fuel Nozzle features wider spray angles at lower flow rates, good atomization over wider flow rangs. Less subject to clogging and less buildup of carbon and gum residue. Replacement fuel nozzle for the Arctic Steamer.  2.25 GPH 90 A...
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