Flat Surface Cleaning and New Loading Area!

Flat Surface Cleaning and New Loading Area!

Posted by Josiah Hagemann on 20th Jun 2022

Flat Surface Cleaning

The team got some hands-on training using a flat surface cleaner with vacuum recovery, as you can see, the floor needed the training as well!

We had the flat surface cleaner hooked up to our shop machine, which is a natural gas heated, 4 gpm at 3000 psi pressure washer and we used the Landa MWP water recovery system. The MWP allows for immediate water recovery and discharge to drain outside of the building or to a holding tank.

This is known as our SUCK IT UP Package and allows you to better clean those areas inside or outside where you don't have drains and sitting water isn't an option. The vacuum recovery allows for better cleaning as the dirt is collected in the water and not just moved around. The SUCK IT UP Package retails at $2999.00, get yours today!

The MWP also comes with a scupper head attachment, if you have a collection area of water during your pressure washing, the scupper head will sit in that area to recover the water. There is a filter basket on the MWP to catch solids before the water is pumped out.

Questions??? Call us today at 763-521-4442 and talk to one of the application experts, or send us an email at sales@americanpressureinc.com.

New Loading Area!

Our loading area for the service department and shipping/receiving received a much needed facelift! Thank you for your patience these last couple weeks as we had limited access and were shipping and receiving everything out of the front/showroom side of the building. Thanks to the crew at Interstate Companies for the great work!