Methods of Applying Soap

Methods of Applying Soap

Posted by Josiah Hagemann on 29th Mar 2022

Some common methods of applying soap include; downstream soap injection, upstream soap injection, foam cannon attachment, soap shooter attachment, bucket and brush and hand pump sprayer.

Downstream injection occurs after, or downstream, from the pump. To activate these injectors the pressure needs to be lowered and that can be done by opening the side handle if you have a variable pressure wand or by changing the nozzle to the black soap nozzle. This drop in pressure allows the injector to open and start drawing in the soap, when the pressure increases the injector will close and stop drawing soap.

Upstream injection occurs before, or upstream, from the pump. To activate these injectors, there will be a metering valve that you will open to allow soap to be drawn into the water stream and this will allow soap to be applied under high pressure. Not all soaps are compatible to be run through the pump, if you have any questions on compatibility, send us the SDS sheet on the soap and what pump you have to info@americanpressureinc.com and we will work with you to determine if it’s safe or not. It is important that the soap screen stays in the soap and that you don’t run out of soap while the valve is open, this will allow air to be drawn in and that could do damage to your pump.

The foam cannon will attach to the end of your wand, in place of your quick couple high pressure nozzle. You will add your soap mixture to the bottle and there are adjustments to change the amount of soap usage and change the spray patterns. This will help create a dense, sticky foam that helps the soap cling to the surface. Found on page 37 of our catalog, which can be downloaded here.

The soap shooter, X-Jet, will attach to the end of your wand, in place of your quick couple high pressure nozzle. The X-Jet can project chemicals or other liquids to vertical heights of 40 feet or more. The soap line will run from the nozzle down to your bucket, it will come with different size proportioners to determine how much soap is drawn through. You can purchase an X-Jet here. Depending on the soap you are using and what kind of surface you are cleaning, it might be easier and safer to use a hand pump sprayer or a bucket and brush. The brushes and brush handles are found on page 25 of our catalog which can be downloaded here.

Any other questions you may have, give us a call at 800-544-0836 and talk to one of our application experts to determine what method will work best for you!